Other Resources

Providing independent information and links to guidelines and tools to help design and construct sustainable buildings.

Design Guides

There are a number of design guides available to help architects and specifiers to incorporate sustainability principles into their designs.

Ministry for the Environment

The Ministry for the Environment’s urban design publications include an Urban Design Protocol, case studies and best practice urban design guidelines.

Standards NZ

SNZ HB 44:2001 Subdivision for People and the Environment is a book that uses the concepts of eco-villages and co-housing to provide guidelines for alternative design and use of technologies in land development and subdivision in New Zealand.

BRANZ publications

Trombe Wall Design – a fact sheet that provides an overview of the information needed to design, build and make proper use of a robust solar space heating technology that can assist a home's indoor comfort.

Photovoltaic Design – a fact sheet that provides an overview of the information needed to incorporate and make proper use of a photovoltaics in New Zealand homes.

Passive Solar Design – a fact sheet that provides key strategies for practical, low-cost and comfortable high performance home designs, which are easy to build, use and maintain.

Local authority guidelines

Some local authorities provide guidelines for designers wishing to incorporate sustainability into their design.

Auckland has the Auckland Design Manual, a significant online resource for everyone involved in design, building and development.

Many councils have publications aimed at assisting with sustainable design. They include:


Updated: 04 December 2020