Health and Safety

Taking care with materials, equipment and work procedures and dealing with hazards.


Before using a ladder, confirm that the ladder:

  • is the safest and most effective piece of equipment for the job
  • is in good condition
  • is rated for industrial use
  • is the appropriate length for the job
  • can be secured and restrained at the top and the bottom
  • is on a level surface.

If the ladder meets these requirements, carry out the following safety measures:

  • Set the ladder on a solid, level base.
  • Set the ladder at the correct angle 1.0 m out from the wall for every 4.0 m of height.
  • Check to ensure the treads are horizontal.
  • Leave 1.0 m of the ladder above the level to be climbed.
  • Secure the top of the ladder.
  • Reposition the ladder rather than stretching to reach.
  • Face the ladder at all times and use both hands when climbing up or down.

Do not:

  • lean the ladder directly against glass or plastic spouting
  • use the ladder as a work platform
  • position more than one person on the ladder.

Updated: 25 September 2013