Health and Safety

Taking care with materials, equipment and work procedures and dealing with hazards.


Before using a ladder, confirm that the ladder:

  • is the safest and most effective piece of equipment for the job
  • is in good condition
  • is rated for industrial use
  • is the appropriate length for the job
  • can be secured and restrained at the top and the bottom
  • is on a level surface.

If the ladder meets these requirements, carry out the following safety measures:

  • Set the ladder on a solid, level base.
  • Set the ladder at the correct angle – 1.0 m out from the wall for every 4.0 m of height.
  • Check to ensure the treads are horizontal.
  • Leave 1.0 m of the ladder above the level to be climbed.
  • Secure the top of the ladder.
  • Reposition the ladder rather than stretching to reach.
  • Face the ladder at all times and use both hands when climbing up or down.

Do not:

  • lean the ladder directly against glass or plastic spouting. Ladder support brackets are available that protect the gutter from ladder damage and limit sideways movement of the top of the ladder
  • use the ladder as a work platform
  • position more than one person on the ladder.


Updated: 25 January 2022