Site Use

Considering how a building and site impact on each other, enhancing energy efficiency, comfort and convenience.

Adjacent buildings

Existing buildings on adjacent sites may influence the location of a building.

Design considerations include avoiding:

  • shading from neighbouring buildings
  • causing unreasonable shading to neighbouring buildings
  • loss of privacy for occupants or neighbours.

Regardless of whether an adjacent site is vacant, District Plans restrict proximity to boundaries and have sun access or height recession planes that protect adjacent properties against unreasonable shading, loss of sunlight and loss of privacy.

Mitigate any possible adverse effects in the future:

  • Consider what may be built on an adjacent site.
  • Locate the building as far from the adjoining boundary as possible.
  • Locate the building on an elevated part of the site to ensure views or sunlight are maintained.
  • Allow for factors such as trees growing larger on adjacent sites.