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$38b gain from better buildings

New report out from NZGBC.

A new report published in May by the New Zealand Green Building Council shows that improving building standards, phasing out the use of fossil gas and making energy use more transparent could give savings of between $19 billion and $39 billion by 2050. They could also reduce emissions equivalent to taking 600,000 cars off the road in the next five years, accounting for a third of the reductions we need to achieve by 2030.

The report considers actions that include amending the Building Code to require new buildings to measure operational and upfront carbon emissions at consenting stage. This would be followed by progressive reductions in emissions to achieve a 60% reduction in upfront carbon emissions and near-zero emissions from operational energy by 2034.

23 May 2024




Resilience, sustainability BRANZ priorities

Future investment focus set out.

Affordable housing, high-quality buildings, resilient buildings and environmentally sustainable buildings have been identified as priorities in the BRANZ Investment Priorities Statement 2024.

This is the guidance document for BRANZ Inc.’s investment in all research (BRANZ Ltd and external research). The document outlines investment signals for research and knowledge sharing/enabling activities in the 2025/26 financial year, guidance and research expectations for proposals, investment criteria and how much funding is available.

23 May 2024




Prepping for biomethane in reticulated gas

Revised standard released.

The standard NZS 5442 is being revised into an interim standard to support the safe blending of biomethane in the reticulated gas network. The final and fully revised version, due at a later date, is expected to also allow blending of hydrogen gas in the gas distribution network.

Standards NZ says biomethane comes from the breakdown of organic matter in food and farm waste. A study by First Gas, Beca and Fonterra found that 4% of the country’s energy-related emissions could be avoided by using low-emitting, renewable alternatives such as biomethane.

NZS 5442(Int):2024 Specification for reticulated natural gas supersedes NZS 5442:2008.

23 May 2024




Smart technology a gamechanger for the grid

Demand flexibility offers savings.

Widespread adoption of smart appliances connected to the grid can smooth peaks in demand without impacting user experience. EECA modelling suggests that widespread use of smart EV chargers alone could save the country $4 billion by 2050.

To help New Zealanders understand the potential of demand flexibility – or a ‘smart grid’ – EECA has recently published an overview on its website covering the basics.

23 May 2024