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Wiring materials

Wiring materials must comply with the relevant standards and should have supplier declarations of conformity (SDoCs) available where required.

Cable Insulation colour
Two-core plus earth TPS (tough plastic sheathed)

Two-core cable (no earth)
Phase – red
Neutral – light blue or black
Earth – green or green/yellow
(Note that older TPS cable may have no insulation to the earth wire.)
Lighting wiring Phase – brown
Neutral – black
Earth – green/yellow (where provided)

Two-core plus earth cable must be used for power outlets. It is also recommended for lighting circuits so that, if a metal light fitting is installed, it has earth protection.

TPS two-core
cable (mm2)
Earth Current
Used for:
6.0 Yes 40 9.75 • Dedicated circuit to freestanding stove.
4.0 Yes 32 7.75 • Dedicated circuits to hob, wall oven, heat pump, embedded floor and undertile heating, remote electric continuous-flow water heater.
2.5 Yes 24 5.75 • Power outlets with maximum 3 double outlets per circuit – kitchens, laundries.
• Power outlets with up to 12 double outlets per circuit and maximum load of 10 amps per outlet – areas other than kitchens, laundries.
• Water heater with maximum element rating of 3–4 kW.
• Submains to garage or outbuilding (separate circuit for each building).
• Permanently connected appliances. (Note that appliances rated above 10 amps require a dedicated circuit, but up to 10 amps may be wired as part of power outlet circuit.)
1.5 Yes 18 4.25 • Water heater with maximum element rating of 3 kW.
1.0 Yes 14 3.25 • Lights with maximum load on any one circuit of 10 amps. (Note that a minimum of 2 circuits per dwelling is required.)

Updated: 16 November 2016