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Internal and external extra low voltage services

There are many proprietary communications distribution boards and systems on the market. Most have a modular system for the addition of patch panels and power supplies and generally incorporate infrared (IR) control for remote players.

Bus lighting and power control systems

A bus lighting and power control system allows control and monitoring of:

  • switching and dimming of lights – most systems are capable of dimming both fluorescent and incandescent loads
  • split-system air conditioning units – most systems can support fan speed, mode and temperature adjustment
  • power points – some power points may have timed or remote dial-in control to perform a range of control tasks
  • hot water – the on/off switching and water temperature may be controlled remotely via phone or internet
  • pumps, motors and irrigation may be controlled remotely or via timed settings
  • motorised blinds may be controlled remotely or via a daylight switch
  • automatic gates – most systems are able to integrate the residential gateway controller with the home automation and security system.

Most systems include a network of input and output units, each with a microprocessor built into the control device. Output units typically include a bypass feature to allow them to be manually over-ridden in the event of a device or system failure. Systems typically have a number of infrared remote control devices to remotely control different areas of the house.

Smart house wiring systems

‘Smart houses’ usually feature a monitored security system and an intelligent lighting control (such as scene control, occupancy sensors for energy savings, and dimmer facilities) and may include a structured wiring system for data, telephone and audio-visual distribution. They may also be connected to the internet to enable control and monitoring, including access to video camera output from a web browser anywhere in the world, of the home’s electrical and security systems.

Benefits of a fully integrated wiring system include enhanced security, automatic lighting control, energy savings and automation of irrigation, curtains, heating and cooling.


Updated: 14 April 2014