Site Use

Considering how a building and site impact on each other, enhancing energy efficiency, comfort and convenience.


Views enhance the enjoyment of a house and add value to the property. They may be panoramic, presented as a framed view (that is, a strategically placed window or opening in a wall) or create a view shaft between hills or trees.

To take advantage of views, a house may need:

  • to be located higher on the site
  • to have an additional storey or part storey to allow a view that is otherwise out of sight
  • to be compromised for solar gain or minimising wind effect.
Window framing the view 
Window framing the view

Careful placement and sizing of windows can maximise the visual effect of a view while maintaining thermal performance and sunlight entry.

See the section on passive design (location, orientation and layout) for more information about maximising views.


Updated: 02 April 2015