Site Use

Considering how a building and site impact on each other, enhancing energy efficiency, comfort and convenience.

Location of services

The location of and connection to services is not usually a major influence on the location of a building as services are generally laid to a site boundary.

However, where live council services cross a site, the building footprint will need to be kept clear of them or be designed according to specific council requirements. Obtain information from the local council regarding:

  • the specific construction requirements
  • easements for access to services.

Redundant piped services within the footprint of the building area must be located and removed.

Water storage

If water storage is required, the location of the tank must be considered at the preliminary design stage. It should be located where it will:

  • not be visually intrusive
  • be accessible for maintenance
  • be on a sand base over solid ground (a full 5,500 litre tank weighs approximately 25 tonnes).

If the tank is below ground, it must be specifically designed to be able to withstand the load from the backfilled soil. (Note that rotationally moulded polyethylene tanks are not designed for below ground use).