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Hutt adds building performance data to LIMs

Hutt City Council is adding building performance information to Land Information Memoranda.

The system is voluntary. Homeowners can have their house assessed on issues such as warmth and energy efficiency, with tools such as the NZ Green Building Council’s HomeFit or Homestar, and the performance given on the LIM for the property.

Council’s Director Environmental and Sustainability, Helen Oram, says this can give potential buyers or tenants of a property a more accurate picture of it. The main aim of the initiative, however, is to improve the health of residents and the energy performance of the city’s housing.

You can find more details here.



Government plan to measure and cap embodied carbon in construction

Reducing carbon emissions from building is a key target of a new programme.

The Building for Climate Change programme aims to help New Zealand meets its climate change goals, including net zero carbon by 2050.

“At the start, we should be able to reach the goals through good current practice, but over time, the goals will be increased to make greater carbon savings and emissions reductions. To meet the goals, we’ll need to make some changes to current building laws – both the Building Act and the Building Code,” says the MBIE website.

You can find more information from MBIE here and more information about a carbon budget for New Zealand houses here.



New insulation and glazing requirements on the horizon

The Government has announced a Building for Climate Change programme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the construction and operation of buildings.

The first Building for Climate Change initiatives, to extend insulation and glazing requirements in new homes, are expected to be consulted on in early 2021. In the future, it is likely that changes will also need to be made to existing buildings.

Changes will be made to current building laws, targets will be set for energy use and carbon emissions, and incentives will be introduced for energy-efficient, low-carbon buildings.

“Energy efficiency and carbon emissions will become core considerations when building – just as important as cost and aesthetics.” said Minister for Building and Construction Jenny Salesa.

The Government has recently signed up to a joint statement with Australia, Canada and the United States to work together to develop building code responses to the changing climate. The Government will gather information and insights from other countries to help develop responses to climate change in New Zealand.

You can find more information here.